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Running a simple service desk with Google Sheets

service desk


My first stint with building a service desk happened in 2012 when I was working with one of my clients. While I was working with them for a G Suite deployment (back then it was called Google Apps), I noticed and it was very clear, they were struggling to keep up with the huge number of tickets coming in. Inspite of 4 people being on board the IT team was clearly overwhelmed with the huge number of support calls coming inside.

I suggested them to use a web based service desk software or may be go with an open source option, but that did not get the IT team excited as they felt that would require a budget approval from the company MD and they has already utilised the current year’s budget. On my way home I thought that may be I should build a simple service desk tool for them.

I had set myself certain pre-requisites for this new project.

  • It should not look and feel like a separate tool.
  • It should be closely integrated with G Suite and use the tools that were available with G Suite.
  • It should be simple to use, super fast and intuitive.
  • It should be 100% web based.

A combination of Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheet was the best option. I did not want to make it complicated by using ScriptDB (now deprecated), so Google Sheets was my database.

I have provided the complete source code and the setup instructions in the following link.

Please feel free to use it and if you get stuck somewhere or need any help in setting it up, please do send us an email at