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Making your software enterprise grade

enterprise grade software

One fine Sunday afternoon I was browsing the internet and suddenly a question from the previous week hit my mind. Is Adjutas enterprise grade? It was a prospective customer that asked me this question. I did not have a convincing answer at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I did nod my head and assumed that my prospect took that as a yes.

I fired up my browser and navigated to and typed enterprise grade software. Among the thousands of link I found one article to be interesting. The author in the very first paragraph claimed that the term “enterprise grade software” is a total myth. My intention is not to┬áchallenge any school of thought or to downplay the need to have robust software but it is to express a different thought process which I believe might make some sense in the world that we are living in which is fast paced and is constantly evolving every day.

We as the business consumers have to accept one thing. No software is perfect.