2016 for Adjutas

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For us 2016 has been an exciting and challenging year. Adjutas was launched in 2016 and we crossed 100 customers this year.

A few accomplishments in 2016 that we are proud of

  • Launching Adjutas (helpdesk & asset management software)
  • Our first 100 customer signed ups
  • Got our first paid customer
  • First 5298 commits to the Adjutas codebase
  • Made 87 small and major features and enhancements to the product
  • Team Adjutas has a done a total 29,837 meetings in 2016
  • Adjutas has become 6 months old this year
  • Our customers have together created a total of 100,000 tickets
  • We have got into our first office this year

If you are interested in joining in the fun, please do send us an email at sales@adjutas.com or call call us at +91 8939 111 560.

We wish you all a very happy new year.

Chat with Jessica


We understand that a SaaS business is more about service than software and we always think about how we can offer a great service to our users.

With that intention we have built a software robot to help our customers with queries related to Adjutas. We have named our virtual robot as Jessica. Jessica will be available to answer your queries 24X7. You can interact with Jessica at Admin -> Support -> Chat with Jessica.

Jessica is a new addition to our team. Though she is intelligent, she might not be able to answer all your queries at the moment. We are working hard to train her and to make her an expert in answering all your queries. So please bare with us for the time being.


Note for Administrators:

This feature has been enabled for admins only.

Launch Details Release track:

Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

Rollout pace: Immediate

Impact: All admin users

Action: Change management suggested/FYI

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of any queries.

The Adjutas Guarantee

saas image

They say SaaS is the next big thing. In current scenario almost every organisation irrespective of its size and operational methodologies are subscribing to a minimum of one cloud based software.

With loads of options for customers in the market the competition has become tough for SaaS service providers. Statics say that most SaaS companies shutdown in their first two years of operation leaving their customers in the lurch.

Most of these startups do not have a clear data liberation mechanism which might keep the customer interests protected and also give them an option to port their data out. Even if they do they are seldom able to port or migrate the data successfully to a different product.

During our initial days of sales we do were asked similar questions and this made us think that yes this indeed is a problem from our customer’s perspective.

After few brain storming sessions we decided that in the event of Adjutas shutting down, be it the company or the product we will deploy our product with the respective data in the customer’s infrastructure. This will ensure that our customers are able to use the product effectively inspite of our existence.

This move we believe will help us earn the trust of our existing and future customers.

To know more please send an email to support@adjutas.com. You can also signup for a free 30 day trial of our product.