Making your software enterprise grade

enterprise grade software

One fine Sunday afternoon I was browsing the internet and suddenly a question from the previous week hit my mind. Is Adjutas enterprise grade? It was a prospective customer that asked me this question. I did not have a convincing answer at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I did nod my head and assumed that my prospect took that as a yes.

I fired up my browser and navigated to and typed enterprise grade software. Among the thousands of link I found one article to be interesting. The author in the very first paragraph claimed that the term “enterprise grade software” is a total myth. My intention is not to challenge any school of thought or to downplay the need to have robust software but it is to express a different thought process which I believe might make some sense in the world that we are living in which is fast paced and is constantly evolving every day.

We as the business consumers have to accept one thing. No software is perfect.

New Dashboard for Asset Management – Adjutas Feature Update

asset default dashboard type


We have been listening to our user feedback and the result of that is a new dashboard type called “Asset Default”. This new dashboard type is built with our customers who use Adjutas for asset management and were bogged down by the default service desk dashboard.

This feature has been rolled out and is available to all our users.

asset default dashboard type


As a user, you can now get into your profile section and choose the asset default dashboard.

Asset Default dashboard provides snapshots about your entire service management.

Rollout pace:

Immediate full rollout


All end users

Action: Change management suggested/FYI


Benefits of adopting Google App Engine

developers image

Google App Engine (GAE) is a powerful platform to build both web and mobile apps. Its very scalable and takes google app engine imageaway the headache that comes along with a regular server. We have been using Google App Engine for everything from our internal applications to our flagship product Adjutas. We would like to share the reasons we went with Google App Engine so that it might be useful to you.

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Adjutas New Feature Alert – 25-Jan-2017

Dear Customer,

Starting from today the following new features have been implemented in Adjutas:

New dashboard types

– Toggle between the default dashboard and the new classic dashboard.

Flexibility in enabling/disabling email alerts

– Enable the email alerts that you want your and disable the ones you don’t.

Feedback for resolved tickets

– You can now automate the process of collecting feedback for all your resolved tickets.

Asset activity details

– Track all changes related to the assets like changes in user, administrator, service updates etc.

Asset single import

– With advanced import you can now created assets, employees and vendors in one single upload. We believe this would greatly reduce the complexity around creating and managing assets.

Ticket requestor details

– Ticket requestor details can be viewed from the ticket details page.

Bulk upload customer login

– You can now create multiple end users by uploading a .csv file with all the details.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any details regarding the features and how they benefit you.

We will also be sending a detailed help article to you by tomorrow.

Team Adjutas