2016 for Adjutas

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For us 2016 has been an exciting and challenging year. Adjutas was launched in 2016 and we crossed 100 customers this year.

A few accomplishments in 2016 that we are proud of

  • Launching Adjutas (helpdesk & asset management software)
  • Our first 100 customer signed ups
  • Got our first paid customer
  • First 5298 commits to the Adjutas codebase
  • Made 87 small and major features and enhancements to the product
  • Team Adjutas has a done a total 29,837 meetings in 2016
  • Adjutas has become 6 months old this year
  • Our customers have together created a total of 100,000 tickets
  • We have got into our first office this year

If you are interested in joining in the fun, please do send us an email at sales@adjutas.com or call call us at +91 8939 111 560.

We wish you all a very happy new year.

Let Your Customers Build Your Brand

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Keeping the customers and wooing them in your sale can be easy but keeping the customers there in the long term can be a bit challenging. However, if you are looking to do so, here are some effective tips that can help.

Find Out Your Type

First things first, it is important to find your type. Nearly everybody has a digital profile these days and if you are looking to connect to a particular type of customer, it is important to create and connect with these customers. You will need a good, comprehensive profile to do so. However, you need to look at the details and find your customers out inside out. The more detailed your profile in general, the higher the number of candidates for your product will be.

Generally, finding your type is a best way to let customers build your brand. It is also an essential customer care tool and one way of creating knowledge base that will help you in the near future.

Take The Plunge

Businesses try to build products that please everyone. However, what is important is that you go an extra mile and try to connect on an emotional level. If you are trying to build a brand, try to assess and find ways to connect to your customers on a deep, meaningful  level. For instance, Harley is not a bike. In fact, it is not even close to a product. Harley is more of a lifestyle, a way of living. Harley has a very unique appeal, its appeal generally very irresistible. You either like the product or not but you cannot be in between. Harley doesn’t like mediocre or in betweens.

Keep Things Inclusive

On the other hand, it is important to keep things exclusive. Keep investing in HOG exclusive. Give the members insider information, privileges and others if you want to keep them interested in your brand. For instance, the bike, Harley Davidson hasn’t really been created for everyone. It is for a specific niche and everybody in the community knows this well. Harley created more than just a brand. It went out to create a cult. Therefore, the exclusivity of Harley promotes its customers loyalty and it is one of those brands that is a good example of ‘customers building brands’.

Invest In Engagement

Another thing when it comes to letting customers build your brand is to invest in engagement. Getting a certain bunch of customers coming down to your brand community can be hard. What is special about creating a brand image is that there are companies who plan out workshops, trips, short drives and more to invest in the customer. The best part is that this is the best way of creating a visually engaged customer base and an example of these customers turning into a strong, solid customer base. Another example is of Harley, who keeps it riders engaged all the time. Therefore, it is better to invest in engagement to allow the customers to build your brand.

Engaging your customers is a good way of creating a customer knowledge base and it will allow you to create contacts that are long terms that will benefit your company directly.

Keep Things Exclusive

Last but not the least, it is better to keep things exclusive if you want the customers to build your brand. Investing in exclusive will let the members get many privileges, insider information and a lot of other tips that are available specifically for the community. The catch? The company will ensure that people inside the community and inside the community knows this. Keeping things exclusive will allow things to be customer oriented and is another example of the customers building your brand.

If you are looking for a good solution search for letting customers build your brand, there are certain rules, tips and techniques to keep in mind. Some of these have been listed above.

What is Adjutas?

What is Adjutas?

Adjutas is a simple cloud-based helpdesk application built with the mission of empowering organisations to provide effective customer support both internal and external.


  • Intuitive dashboard for ticket creation & monitoringNever miss a customer request. Monitor incoming requests, assign requests to agents and track requests to closure.

  • Multi-channel customer support – Support customers wherever they are. Now you can support customers through phone, email, web.

  • Manage contacts easily – Keep all your customer and contact information in an easy to use online directory.

  • Detailed reports – Reports on helpdesk and tickets help you to easily understand the current status of your IT support or customer support team
  • Manage email better – Reply to customers from within the ticket. Get notified by email when customers reply.


  • Free for 1 year.
  • $.20/agent/year (or)
  • $.1.99/agent/month