Google Apps Script – A Hidden Gem

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Google Apps Script is a hidden gem within G Suite and is often ignored by organisations as they lack the expertise to learn and build scripts to automate workflows with google apps script. It has evolved over the years and can now be used to create simple workflows like a helpdesk software to deleting emails from

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Benefits of adopting Google App Engine

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Google App Engine (GAE) is a powerful platform to build both web and mobile apps. Its very scalable and takes google app engine imageaway the headache that comes along with a regular server. We have been using Google App Engine for everything from our internal applications to our flagship product Adjutas. We would like to share the reasons we went with Google App Engine so that it might be useful to you.

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Get feedback for resolved tickets

Getting requester feedback is very important to gauge the performance agent working on the ticket and the service desk as a whole. However amidst the pressure of resolving a ticket and all the effort that goes into it getting feedback after resolving the ticket becomes close to irrelevant.

To help you with this we have now launched an easy and efficient way to receive requestor feedback.



As an Admin, you can define the duration of when post resolving the ticket when you want the feedback email to be sent to the requestor. To provide the feedback the requestor does have to leave his inbox and this will ensure that the requestors can easily provide feedback for the overall experience.




Rollout pace:

Immediate full rollout


All end users (Admins only)


Change management suggested/FYI